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Our mission is to meet your educational and professional needs as an adult learner and a professional. To this end, we have developed an educational model that builds on your existing learning and professional experience, which features collaborative, competency-based learning and assessment, and provides flexible scheduling to accommodate the many demands placed upon your time as a working professional.

We offer high quality education programs that are rigorous and demanding. Our outstanding faculty will challenge you in many ways as they help prepare you for the life of the scholar-practitioner. As a CCI learner you will become part of a community of scholars dispersed throughout the country and around the world. This community is committed to transforming education and research to advance individuals, organizations and society.


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CCI learners and graduates are self- directed, academically talented men and women who combine their practical experience with scholarly pursuits and make contributions in highly meaningful ways. We invite you to become part of the exciting CCI community.

Join with us to make this scholarly journey a transforming experience in your life.

Mario Garcia, J.D., Ph.D.

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